This site was created to ensure consistant communication between myself and the families of my students. The information that is provided here will greatly enhance your child's educational experience because you will be more involved in their progress. Plus, we will be able to share some of the great things we're doing in class this year. This may include: field trip pictures, newsletters, notes home, projects the children are working on, or other activities. 

I will be posting photos of our classroom adventures from time to time. If children's names are used by a picture, I will use only their first name, and no addresses or telephone numbers will be used. In the case of newsletters, I use only the student's first name, with the first letter of the last name for any children with duplicate first names. If you do not want photos of your child posted on the class web site, please send a note to me and I'll gladly honor your wishes.

It will be exciting to be able to show grandparents and other relatives what your child is doing in school. It is also a great way to have children from other schools see what our classroom is doing. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to e-mail me directly at: 

Thank you very much,

Mrs. Humphries

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