Welcome! 2014-2015 Fourth Graders!

Well, we’ve flown through our first full week together in our new class. The students have been fantastic. They have all proven that they are hard workers and have the ability to mesh into this new environment with ease. I’m so proud of them!

We have been studying the geography of the land in Social Studies. Place value in Math. We are practicing our Daily 3 Reading workshop routine. We've spent a lot of time going over specific tasks and daily routines. The students are doing really well with learning these procedures.

We are working on taking responsibility for our schoolwork. We have a busy day, but we still find time to joke and have some fun. The students are doing well at keeping track of assignments and paperwork. They are bringing their C.A.M.P. binders home, every day. Make sure yout take time to look through their binders with them, each evening. Please, don’t forget to sign their assignment book.  This will help me know that you are keeping informed with what is going on at school. 

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