Students are responsible for filling out their assignment books exactly as it is written in the classroom. This is the first year that I'll be using an online planbook. There are many benefits to using this program. The feature that I think parents will like is that you will be able to view a simplified version of my lesson plans online. These plans will include objectives that we are covering each week along with any homework assignments that were to be written in the students' assignment books. This online access is to be used as a back up system, in case they were absent. Parents can also use this web site to compare it to their child's assignment book to make sure they are being accurate when they are writing in their planner.


Click the PLANBOOK.COM link below. (This will take you to the site on a new page)

Click the yellow box in the top right corner that says "VIEW YOUR TEACHER'S PLAN"

Enter MY email address:

Then enter the password. 

For security reasons, I won't post the password on this site. Just ask your child to tell you what the password is for our PearsonSuccess web site. I am using the same password for both sites.

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